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Blamim Bat Yam


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Closed Will open on Sunday at 08:00


Ehud Kinnamon St 24-28, Bat Yam
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Blamim Bat Yam
Ehud Kinnamon St 24-28, Bat Yam

About us

Car Service
Auto parts

Repair and replacement of spare parts. for cars and trucks. Repair of rudders, pumps, brakes of cars, trucks, lifts and industrial machines.

We speak: Hebrew English
Social & messengers: Facebook
Phone: 03-5528887

Our services

  • ABS repair
  • ABS sensor replacement
  • Brake adjustment
  • Brake bleeding
  • Brake caliper replacement
  • Brake cylinder repair
  • Brake cylinders replacement
  • Brake disc replacement
  • Brake disc resurfacing
  • Brake drum replacement
  • Brake hose replacement
  • Brake pad replacement
  • Brake replacement
  • Brake system flushing
  • Brake system repair
  • Caliper boot replacement
  • Caliper repair
  • Front brake disc replacement
  • Front brake pad replacement
  • Front caliper replacement
  • Hand brake adjustment
  • Hand brake repair
  • Handbrake cable replacement
  • Handbrake pad replacement
  • Rear brake disc replacement
  • Rear brake pad replacement
  • Rear caliper repair
  • Replacing the brake master cylinder
  • Replacing the rear caliper
  • Vacuum brake booster replacement
  • CV joint boot replacement
  • CV joint repair
  • CV joint replacement
  • Electric steering rack repair
  • Hydraulic power steering replacement
  • Hydraulic steering rack repair
  • Internal CV joint replacement
  • Power steering belt replacement
  • Power steering bleeding
  • Power steering pump replacement
  • Power steering repair
  • Replacing an external CV joint
  • Replacing the steering oil seal
  • Steering column replacement
  • Steering gear assembly repair
  • Steering gear repair
  • Steering gear replacement
  • Steering rack adjustment
  • Steering rack boot replacement
  • Steering rack repair
  • Steering rack replacement
  • Steering rod replacement
  • Steering shaft cardan repair
  • Steering shaft crosspiece replacement
  • Steering shaft replacement
  • Steering tip replacement
  • Stuffing box replacement

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