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About the Autoboom Project

Autoboom is a comprehensive automotive portal that offers a wide range of opportunities for its users in five languages: Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, English, and French. Our online resource boasts an extensive current database of all cars available on the Israeli market, both new and used. The latest technologies used in our project allow you to quickly and conveniently find the exact car you need, compare several chosen vehicles by parameters, find out the price, and arrange a meeting with the seller. Autoboom is a meeting place for cars and people.

Autoboom's goal is to bring people closer to the world of quality cars, adding more convenience to their lives. With the help of our portal, many people enrich their knowledge every day in the area of life where a car becomes not just a means of transportation, but also a source of pleasure from owning it. Searching and finding what you need on our project is easy - there is a convenient form for searching both new and used cars. You can choose by parameters, body type, brand, year of manufacture, and so on.

If you wish to sell your car, Autoboom provides an opportunity to quickly and freely post a sale ad. This is not just an ad - this is an opportunity to receive real calls from interested buyers. We provide all possibilities to present your car in the most advantageous way - to elevate your ad in the search, highlight it, place a special offer. All this will speed up the sale of your car and save you time and money.

The portal serves as a powerful platform for news and articles about cars of different brands and models. You can stay updated with all the novelties of the car market, learn about the latest trends and innovations.

In addition, Autoboom offers information about dealerships and service centers. Users can view their location on the map, find out the working hours, read brief information and choose the ones that suit them.

Autoboom allows you to learn everything you want to know about any car that interests you. This makes our online project the perfect resource for everyone interested in cars.

One of our key missions is to create a unified active community of car owners. If you need information about cars, if you want to buy or sell your car and do not want to spend your time, want to do everything quickly and efficiently - this is the place for you: Autoboom

Below are the main sections with their brief descriptions:

Used Cars — a continuously updated database of private ads for car sales in Israel with current prices, photos, and contact information of sellers.

New Cars — new cars currently for sale in Israel with up-to-date prices, photos, and technical parameters.

Car Catalog — a comprehensive catalog that includes brief information about all brands and models existing worldwide, including the most popular ones in Israel and even those not currently in production. Features an easy search function, detailed technical specifications, photos, and the ability to compare car models with each other.

Magazine — daily published auto market news and review articles about new releases, ratings, comparisons, and test drives. Here we have compiled a variety of car-related materials that will be interesting to a wide range of car enthusiasts. There are reviews of old and rare models, articles about electric cars, reports from exhibitions, and other events. Convenient categorization includes "economical", "urban", "family", "eco-friendly", "fastest", etc. Articles are written by professional journalists.

Companies — in this section we have gathered information about all companies that are involved in the automotive business in one way or another. Here you can find car services and showrooms, tire fitting and car washes, car parts sellers, leasing companies, and those that conduct annual tests. All contact data is provided, plus a convenient search on the map indicating opening hours.

Services — this section contains useful information about all possible breakdowns and any services that car owners may need. Here you can find any services provided by technical centers in Israel, find a suitable car service, familiarize yourself with the prices for the types of work you need, and also read reviews from real customers who have already used the services of a particular service. A convenient search form is available.

Market — in our market, you can find any car part or sell what you no longer need. Car tires and wheels, car chemistry and electronics, batteries, accessories, tools, paints and varnishes, and even special clothing or equipment — everything can be found here.