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Check the car by license plate

Free detailed vehicle report by number. Resale history, mileage, tests, recall campaigns, restrictions and other data from dozens of sources.

Sample report
Check the car by license plate
Full information about modification, fuel or electricity consumption
Trim version
Unique data on the vehicle configuration from the Autoboom database
Mileage history
Mileage history from all vehicle owners, as well as discrepancies if mileage has been reduced
Find out the hand number, the number of car owners and the time the car was owned
Test date
We will inform you about the date of the last and future test. The test is expired – we warn you!
Recalls and Complaints
We’ll tell you if the manufacturer is ready to replace low-quality parts free of charge
Car price
We will show the price of a new car on the day of its purchase
Taxes and fees
Annual license fee and vehicle taxes including all additional fees

Frequently asked questions about checking a car

Often sellers want to hide the real history of the car: they distort the mileage, undergo irregular maintenance, hide information about failed tests or uncompleted recall campaigns. Checking the car by license plate will show all this. And you decide whether to buy such a car, or make sure that you have a car with a clean history.

We use official databases, data from service stations throughout the country, and information from official dealers. We also have a unique database of Autoboom advertisements. If the car was posted on Autoboom, in the report by number we will show its history: when, in what condition and with what mileage it was sold.

The Autoboom report will contain the following information: technical characteristics of the car (check if they match the description in the ad), checking for recall campaigns and restrictions on the use of the car, car ownership history, list of owners according to documents (tenure of ownership, individual or legal entity, rental or taxi), recorded data on vehicle mileage.

When you enter your car's registration number and click "Find", we request information online from all our sources. Each time the check is carried out in real time, we show the data that is in the databases at the time of the request.

The older the car, the more likely it is that the mileage will be adjusted by unscrupulous sellers. Therefore, before buying, be sure to check the history of the car and whether it has an honest mileage. In the report on the number, we use data from our own Autoboom database and information from open sources.

In the Certificate of Registration (Rishayon Rekhev), the state number is located in the line “Registration plate”. This data can also be found on the insurance policy and on the car itself, front and back.

Vehicle number check

Autoboom offers a unique service - free checking of used cars by car number. A full detailed report by number or VIN includes resale history, actual mileage, testing, recalls and restrictions. You will receive complete information about the modification and configuration, rated fuel or electricity consumption. Find out the true mileage history, you will see discrepancies if the mileage was underestimated. You will find out the owner's hand number, time of ownership and the price of a new car on the day of purchase. Check the date of the last and future test, and if the test is overdue, we will definitely notify you and also provide information on the cost of the annual license and taxes, including additional fees. If the vehicle is subject to a recall campaign, we will tell you when and under what conditions the manufacturer is ready to replace low-quality parts free of charge. Autoboom does all this for free!