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  • Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki. Pride of India

Maruti Suzuki India Limited is the real national pride of India, the largest automaker, ahead of Tata and Mahindra. And not only in India, but in general throughout South Asia. For more than 20 years, the Japanese Suzuki Motor Corporation has been the majority shareholder of the company, which is why the join...

Maruti Suzuki logo
  • Ford

Ford Edge Plus. Another Chinese Ford

The Ford Edge Plus is a local car for the Chinese market, based on the popular Ford Edge within the 2020 restyling. The 2019 version, which is sold in Israel, has received a 3-row passenger compartment and modernized equipment, becoming another Chinese Ford Edge. For the sake of decency, the car was given the Plu...

Ford Edge Plus 2019. Bodywork, Exterior. SUV 5-doors, 1 generation
  • Ford

Ford Explorer EV. Electric SUV on Volkswagen’s platform

The Ford Explorer, the former mid-size SUV, has turned into a full-size SUV, which is currently available in Israel. But in the very near future, the tireless ‘Explorer’ will become compact and electric! The new Ford Explorer EV is developed by the German division of Ford for Europe. Surprisingly, the electric SU...

Ford Explorer EV 2024. Bodywork, Exterior. SUV 5-doors, 1 generation
  • Tesla

New Tesla Model 3. Coming in 2023

The new Tesla Model 3, which we expect in 2023, was seen on the streets of California, in the city of Santa Cruz. The start of production of the updated electric sedan will begin in the third quarter of 2023. It is already known that it will receive a more modern interior and a more technologically advanced bod...

Tesla Model 3 2017. Bodywork, Exterior. Sedan, 1 generation
  • Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe. Second generation 2023

The second generation of the fashionable coupe-like SUV has acquired many new features and technologies that make the new Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe more convenient and safer for the driver and passengers. The most important innovation is the all-wheel-drive chassis (optional) and off-road driving mode. The steering rea...

Mercedes GLC Coupe 2023. Bodywork, Exterior. SUV Coupe, 2 generation
  • Mazda

Mazda CX-60. Top model for Europe

The Mazda CX-60 is a two-row mid-size SUV, launched in March 2022, for the European and Japanese markets. Mazda classifies the new CX-60 as a premium model. It is known that the SUV has become the first representative of the family of large models (Large Product Group) of the Japanese manufacturer, which will receiv...

Mazda CX-60 2022. Bodywork, Exterior. SUV 5-doors, 1 generation
  • Wey

Wey Lanshan: ‘Coffee’ is becoming more expensive

Israel already has one representative of the Wey ‘coffee’ family: the Coffee 01, a premium SUV with a plug-in hybrid system with a capacity of 476 hp and an electric driving range of 149 km, priced from 269,900 shekels. In March 2023, the brand introduced another plug-in hybrid, the Wey Lanshan, the new flagshi...

Wey Lanshan 2023. Bodywork, Exterior. SUV 5-doors, 1 generation
  • Jiangnan

Jiangnan. Who makes the cheapest car?

Who makes the cheapest car? The answer is simple: the Jiangnan brand, unknown outside of China. In the 2000s, the company produced almost the cheapest car not only on the local but also on the global market: Alto hatchback, based on the Suzuki Alto. But Jiangnan did not stop there, presenting in February 2023 on...

Jiangnan Logo
  • Letin

Letin. Unlimited possibilities

Letin is the new name of the Chinese automaker Levdeo, founded in 2008. Levdeo produced the simplest and cheapest electric cars weighing up to 1,400 kg, which developed no more than 40 km/h and belonged to a privileged category of transport, invented in the USA and which became popular in China. But after changing th...

Letin Mengo 2020. Bodywork, Exterior. Mini 5-doors, 1 generation
  • Denza

Denza. The child of BYD and Mercedes-Benz

Shenzhen BYD New Energy Co., Ltd., a Chinese enterprise, produces luxury electric vehicles under the Denza brand. The company was founded by the automaker BYD and Daimler AG. However, in 2021, the German co-founder reduced its stake in the joint venture, making the ‘child’ of BYD and Mercedes-Benz a full-fledge...

Denza N7 2023. Bodywork, Exterior. SUV 5-doors, 1 generation

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