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Frequently Asked Questions about Autoboom Website Operation

Selling a car on Autoboom is reliable, fast, and convenient. Our project has numerous advantages: it's free, confidential, multifunctional, and offers the ability to communicate within the portal. We have an intuitive interface and a convenient search engine with a variety of filters. You can always stay in touch, logging into the chat or your personal account at any time.

Despite our efforts to make our site user-friendly and easy to understand, questions may arise during its use. We have collected the most frequent questions from our users and their answers on this page.

Ad Placement

Only registered users can post ads. When registering, you need to provide your name, mobile phone number, and e-mail address. We recommend you to fully fill in all your information in the "Profile" section.

We have very simple ad placement rules: publish ads as you would like to see them if you were a buyer. You can find some tips on the right publication at the bottom of this page.

Yes, we post ads for free. Additional services for promoting your ad are paid only.

Most likely, you have been restricted in posting free ads for systematic violation of our site rules. If you do not break our rules, we will not limit you.

Based on the registration plate number, we can check and publish your ad faster, and also supplement it with as much information as possible about the configuration and other parameters of the car, even if you do not remember them yourself.

You do not need to worry. If there is no appropriate model, modification, or configuration, choose similar data, and write the exact data in the ad text. When checking the ad, we will correct and supplement everything. We can only provide such help if you have specified the registration plate number of the car.

When uploading photos, you may not immediately see that the registration plate number is hidden in the photos. Do not worry. All ads are checked by our editors before publication, including photos. And all registration plate numbers in all ads will be hidden upon publication. If you see an exposed number plate, please write to us in the technical support chat.

After submitting and publishing an ad, you can edit it. To do this, go to "Personal Account". In the "My Ads" section, next to the required ad, click the "Edit" button.

We post an ad on the site for a period of up to 60 days. After this period, if you do not take any action, the ad placement will be automatically extended for the same period.

Ad Listings Search

If you see a different phone number in your ad, don't worry. A buyer calling this number will be automatically redirected to your number. Autoboom selectively uses substitute phone numbers from its own number pool to check the effectiveness of ad placements and track the number of calls.

You need to set up the search results using the parameters of your car, then you will see your ad. It will be marked with a special icon.

The "Favorite Ads" and "Saved Search" sections are located in the top menu when viewing from a computer, and in the bottom menu when using the site from a mobile phone. To remove a favorite ad from the list, open the "Favorite Ads" section and click on the "Heart". To delete a saved search, open the "Saved Search" section and click on the "Trash Bin" icon.

You can set up a subscription for specific ads and for lists of ads in the search results. To set up a subscription and track a specific ad, you need to mark it in the list of ads or on the ad page by clicking on the "Heart". To set up a subscription and track a list of ads, you need to click on the "Magnifying glass with a heart" icon in the search results.

You can compare ads as well as specific cars from our catalog with each other. For the ads or cars from the catalog that you want to compare with each other, you need to click the "Compare" icon. Then in the menu find the same icon, click it and compare the ads and cars. Note that you can rearrange the cars in the comparison columns and also view only the differences.

Personal Account

When registering, you need to provide your Israeli mobile phone number, name, and email address. After registration, remember to check your mail and confirm the address.

Buyers trust sellers more who do not hide their information. Make sure to fully complete your profile and upload your photo.

If you can't access your advertisement, you need to log in again on our site. To do this, enter the mobile phone number with which you registered. If you no longer have access to the mobile phone, write to us and after checking, we can restore access via your email address.

If you have not received a call and the login code did not arrive after that, please write to us and we will try to help you.

To delete an ad, go to your personal account in the "My Ads" section and click the "Delete" button next to the relevant ad. Don't forget to specify the reasons for deleting and the price at which you sold the car, if the reason for deletion is this.

For your convenience, we keep track of the views for each ad. It is displayed as a graph in the "My Ads" section.

Check the "Contacts" block in the ad (Personal account > My ads > Edit > Contacts): perhaps, you have indicated that you do not want to use chat and receive messages on the site. Also, the reason could be that your ad is not in demand or is too low in search results and does not appear in top positions. To improve the ad's position, use paid services.

To increase views and speed up the sale, use paid ad promotion services. Paid services increase the number of views from 3 to 20 times, depending on the service.

Блокировка объявлений

A message indicating the rejection of an ad means that this car is already listed on our site and is being sold by another seller.

This message indicates the rejection of your ad because you have already published the same ad on our site.

If our editors find your ad suspicious during the pre-publication review, we will reject it and ask you to provide additional information.

If you decided to lower the price of your car to make it more attractive, we will reject the ad and you will receive a message about it. Never underprice in your ads.

This message rejecting your ad means that according to our data, the car you listed for sale has already been sold.

For Companies

If you did not find your company in the directory, you can add it. To do this, in your Personal Account in the "Profile" section, click on the "Change account type" button and follow the system's instructions.

A landing page is practically your full-fledged website where all your cars are posted, a detailed description of your company and the services you provide is given, all contacts and photos are published. You can share the link to this page on Facebook, Instagram, and even on your business card. This service is provided for a fee. To learn more, write to us in the technical support chat.

If you, as an author, are tied to a company on our site, you can always change any of its data by sending us a request in the technical support chat. If you are not linked to your company on the site, you first need to go through this procedure. Write to us in the technical support chat and we will help you get everything done quickly.

For your convenience and safety, you can give separate access to the manager who is responsible for posting ads on our site. All ads posted by him will be tied to your company.

We do not limit the number of ads you can post. However, based on practice and common sense, we understand that a private individual cannot sell 5 of their cars. If you are a private entrepreneur or a car dealership - let us know about it. Don't pretend to be a private individual when posting car ads that a dealership or private entrepreneur is selling.

The car should be shown in all its glory in the pictures. Take at least 10 photos from different angles. Be sure to photograph the car's interior, trunk, and individual interesting details of the interior. It is not allowed to place your company logos in the photos, except for an advertising plate on the license plate, phone numbers, and any other information that is not related to this specific car.

We allow writing about your additional services (loans, trade-in, financing) only if, in addition to this, the description contains all the details about this specific car. If such data is not there - we will remove the advertisement of your additional services. Also, the use of emojis in the description is strictly prohibited.

There are two possibilities why you don't have a chat conversation. First, when submitting an ad, you specified yourself that you don't want to receive messages and chat with customers. Second, our editors have blocked your ability to use chat. In the second case, you will see a message about the reasons for the blocking.

You can set up weekly receipt of statistics on the display of your advertisements on the site. We offer two options: via email and sms. To set up the most convenient option for you, go to "My Account > Profile".


  • Fill in all the fields of the advertisement as fully as possible
  • State the real price
  • Post a lot of photos from different angles, wash the car and clean the interior beforehand
  • Do not put extraneous symbols, numbers, text on the photos. This will lead to the rejection of the ad and the deletion of photos that violate the rules
  • Never blur the car numbers in the photos. We will do it for you.
  • Write a detailed, not boring description
  • Always stay in touch, do not ignore messages and calls
  • Communicate politely, provide truthful information
  • Do not overprice. If you want to sell faster — reduce the price
  • Periodically change the price. The views and adding to "Favorites" will increase
  • Spend time on your profile. Upload a real photo, write your real name and region of residence. All this will build trust in you
  • Mention in the description that you are ready to negotiate. Even a small discount will attract anyone
  • Use amounts with a small number of zeros. Psychological research has shown that human attention focuses on a variety of numbers. For example, don't set the price exactly at 100,000, better 98,200

Full rules for posting ads on the Autoboom website