Automatic gearbox repair

Automatic gearbox repair in Hadera

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It may be time to repair the automatic transmission if you notice the following symptoms: the gears won’t turn on; the car does not accelerate; the car jerks during gear transitions; there is a burning smell. The main problems of the unit include malfunctions of the electronic part, breakdowns of the mechanical and hydraulic systems of the gearbox. Malfunctions of the electronic part of the automatic transmission can include: failure of the electronic control unit, damage to the sensors of the transmission control system and the engine, damage to the wiring. Malfunctions of the mechanical and hydraulic systems include: wear of gears and shafts, friction elements, malfunction of the torque converter, malfunction of the torque converter lockup clutch, breakdown of the valve body, etc. The list of specific malfunctions of the unit is large. Plus, it takes special skills and knowledge to rectify such malfunctions.