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Body repair and painting in Israel

Body repair is a type of operations related to the restoration of the original properties of the body. Body damage can be minor, moderate and severe. Depending on the degree of damage, the following types of operations can be carried out: straightening dents, putty, painting and polishing. It can take several hours to fix minor damage. With moderate damage, it may be necessary to repair the dents, which may take several days. Severe damage requires a fairly extensive list of operations, which may take several weeks. Car painting means the application of paint and varnish material to the surface of the body and other elements. The appearance of the car and the duration of its service life depend on the quality of painting. Body painting technology includes a complete washing of the car body, dismantling of the interior, body trim and elements not involved in painting, straightening of elements, removing old paintwork, priming, car painting and drying.