Car services for Mazda in Yavne

Air conditioning and heating

Body repair and painting

Brake system


  • Anti-gravel car body protection
  • Art tinting
  • Body kit installation
  • Brake system tuning
  • Car door soundproofing
  • Car glossy film wrapping
  • Car soundproofing
  • Car tinting
  • Car wrapping
  • Carbon wrapping
  • Ceiling reupholstery
  • Deflector installation
  • Engine tuning
  • Front window tinting
  • Hatch repair
  • Headlights film wrapping
  • Hood wrapping
  • Installing a car window protection film
  • Interior reupholstery
  • Interior soundproofing
  • Interior tuning
  • Matte film wrapping
  • Protective foil wrapping
  • Protective headlight wrapping
  • Roof wrapping
  • Seats reupholstery
  • Sound and vibration insulation
  • Steering column reupholstery
  • Steering wheel tightening
  • Suspension tuning
  • Tinted rear windows
  • Underbody soundproofing
  • Vinyl wrapping
  • Wheel arch soundproofing
  • Wheel disc tuning


Electrical equipment


Exhaust system

Fluid replacement

Fuel system

Glass & mirrors

Installation of additional equipment

  • Airbag installation
  • Alarm with remote start installation
  • Amplifier installation
  • Automotive acoustic system installation
  • Bi-xenon installation
  • Car stereo installation
  • DVD installation
  • DVR installation
  • Fog light installation
  • Headlight washer installation
  • Heated mirror installation
  • Immobilizer installation
  • Installation of a car alarm system
  • Locking wheel nut installation
  • LPG equipment installation
  • Navigation system installation
  • Parking sensor installation
  • Rear-view camera installation
  • Remote start setup
  • Satellite-based alarm system installation
  • Seat heater installation
  • Speaker installation
  • Subwoofer installation
  • Tachograph installation and repair
  • Xenon installation



  • Buyback
  • Installment buying
  • Insurance
  • Lease
  • New cars
  • Personal import
  • Trade-in
  • Used cars

Search and selection of cars

  • On-site comprehensive vehicle inspection
  • Turnkey car selection



Tire works


Wash & polishing

  • Abrasive polishing
  • Application of Ceramic Pro
  • Body polishing
  • Body restoration polishing
  • Body waxing
  • Bumper polishing
  • Car dry cleaning
  • Dry cleaning
  • Dry cleaning of the ceiling
  • Engine wash
  • Headlight polishing
  • Integrated washing
  • Polishing car parts
  • Rubber blackening
  • Scratch polishing
  • Trunk dry cleaning
  • Wheel wash

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