Lexus CT, 2011
Lexus CT 2nd hand, 2011, private handLexus CT 2nd hand, 2011, private handLexus CT 2nd hand, 2011, private handLexus CT 2nd hand, 2011, private handLexus CT 2nd hand, 2011, private hand
Car offer: Hatchback 5-door Lexus CT, 2011 2011, with 220.000 km range, 1.8 CVT (99 hp) variable modification, black at a price of ₪ 39.000. Ad number 995561
Product ID: 995561
ILS 39000 2026-05-23

Lexus CT, 2011 № 995561

  • ₪ 39 000
  • Holon
  • 23 may 2024
  • Lexus CT, 2011
  • ₪ 39 000


  • Year
  • Mileage
    220 000 km
  • Hand
    4th hand, private hand
  • License up to
    June 2024
  • Body type
    Hatchback 5-door
  • Engine

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Test passed 01.07.2024
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Seller's comment

- Lexus CT200h - Price: 39,000 NIS - Year: 2011 (with me from 2021) - Volume: 1.8 + electric motor - Mileage: 222,000 km (70 thousand mine) - Engine type: gasoline hybrid - Gearbox: automatic (planetary gear) Economical car in good condition. Consumption 1/20 both in the city and outside the city. We will redo the color. Very good internal condition, no tears or anything. The engine is in good condition with no leaks and no increased oil consumption. The hybrid battery has already been replaced. R17 rims with new tires. I did a treatment (oil, filters, spark plugs) a month ago. Six months ago I took care of the front calipers and changed plates and pads. The vehicle is technically sound and ready for daily trips. Test will end at the end of June, I will pay the new husband for a year. Sold to upgrade to a bigger and more powerful car. - Location: Holon, sometimes also travels to the north on weekends.

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