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Sale of Hyundai cars

Hyundai is a South Korean automotive conglomerate, specializing in the production of cars for everyday life and business.

In Israel, you can buy the most popular Hyundai models on our website. The cost of the cars is lower than what official dealerships offer due to their low mileage. Before sale, they undergo comprehensive diagnostics. In fact, you get an almost new car at a price significantly below market value.

Modern modifications of Hyundai cars include not only time-tested options and design solutions but also the latest advancements in automobile manufacturing.

Among the main advantages of cars from the Hyundai model line, drivers point out:

  • High safety standards. Most cars are equipped with six airbags that deploy in a protective mode;
  • Automatic braking. Some models come with radars and sensors that monitor road conditions and automatically activate when approaching an obstacle critically;
  • Adaptive cruise control. It helps to maintain an optimal distance in dense traffic. Additionally, the intelligent radar and sensor system warns the driver of cars in the blind spot, greatly enhancing driving safety;
  • Electronic selector for transmission.

You can purchase a Hyundai in one of the popular modifications on our website. Actual photos can be found in the catalog. The price depends not only on the condition and modification but also on the year of manufacture.