Toyota Corolla. Already 50 million cars!

In August 2021, Toyota sold its 50 millionth Corolla. Just imagine, 50 million people around the world owned or own a Corolla! In order to celebrate, the manufacturer has released a special version, called the Corolla Style 50 Million Edition, so far available only in Japan. The Corolla has a lot of modifications, body types and different derivatives, so one more won’t hurt. Having counted all the Corolla cars that have been produced since 1966 in all countries (in total, 150 countries!), Toyota has discovered a grandiose figure of 50,000,000… In the world, a new Corolla finds an owner on average every 28 seconds… Israel is also actively doing its bit. In our country, 9,022 Toyota Corolla cars were sold in 2021 alone. It is not only the best-selling Toyota model in the country, but also the best-selling car in Israel!

In Israel, 9,022 Toyota Corolla cars were sold in 2021. It is not only the best-selling Toyota model in the country, but also the best-selling car in Israel!

In 2021, the market already offers the twelfth generation Corolla. It comes as a sedan, hatchback or station wagon. The special version features 17-inch black wheel rims and new body colors (these are Slate Gray Metallic, Army Rock Metallic and Precious Metal), whereas 5-door hatchbacks can have a two-tone scheme with a black rooftop. The car features sports seats and elements in festive golden color (framing of the dashboard and ventilation deflectors, as well as door trim). 50 Million Edition cars are equipped with a single hybrid system based on a 1.8-liter engine and an electric motor. And, as is usual in Japan, the car can optionally be all-wheel drive with a second electric motor rotating the rear wheels.

In Israel, the new Toyota Corolla is represented by sedans with 125 and 132 hp gasoline engines and with a hybrid system, hybrid hatchbacks and station wagons. These cars look modern, demonstrating excellent handling and behavior on the road. And their fuel-efficiency is an object of envy for competitors.

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